Key chain error in MAC

  1. By follow the password of the user can be reset by admin
  2. Enter the new password
  3. Click change password
    1. To save again click lock symbol

    Error : after change password during login user account it ask for three options

    1. Continue login – the error caused by this option
    2. Create new key chain
    3. Update keychain password 
    4. Go to utilities to access key chain access 
    5. Two typesFirst type : old user password knownSelect edit and then select “ change password for keychain login “ and click ok 
    6. 2ndtype : old password don’t knowSelect key chain access option to go preferenceIn pop up window select “ reset my default keychain “ 
    7. Its ask for current user account password
    8. Enter the Current password and click okThe issue will be resolved
Updated on April 3, 2018

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